"Sierra Blanca is the brainchild of Jethro Gaglione. He got his start as a 10 year-old playing under a tent in Mexico, where his parents were part of a traveling missionary group. A faint trace of those old Mexican gospel songs can still be heard in Sierra Blanca’s music in the form of anthemic, catchy choruses inside indie/soul songs.

In 2015, after establishing himself in El Paso, Texas with two regionally successful releases under the name 'A Main Street Marvel,' Jethro quit his job as a high school physics teacher and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. A fresh start in a new city deserved a new musical alias. Sierra Blanca’s new EP, Honorable Mention, incorporates elements of gospel/soul rhythm with indie pop/folk vocals and guitar work. Some songs off of Honorable Mention can be seen performed live on the project’s YouTube channel, along with other unreleased material.

The current focus of this project is in the writing of a debut full-length album with a focus on uninhibited writing and instrumentation with a fresh drive and perspective. Release of the LP is expected in early 2018."

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